Auto Restoration

Building on over 30 years’ experience in paint decontamination, Enviro-Strip have set up a new facility in a 7000 Sq Ft factory, aiming to offer the best possible results and a great experience for our customers. The service offers paint stripping for complete body shells, car doors, boot, bonnet, wings, axles, and all small parts, with the process encompassing:

  • Stage 1 – Paint removal using pyrolysis
  • Stage 2 – De-rusting
  • Stage 3 – Protective Coating
  • Stage 4 – Bodywork Primer or E-Coat Protection

We understand how important your classic car is and will treat it as such. We have our own fleet of vehicles and dedicated logistical planning to ensure that your car is collected on time, treated with the utmost care, stored securely while on our site, and delivered back to you in superb condition.

“I am really pleased with the body shell, especially as there seems to be quite a lot of it
that has not been dissolved away! You offer a great service.”
Peter Goldsmith

The Enviro-Strip approach to car paint decontamination offers a number of key advantages over shot blasting and chemical stripping:

  • No harsh chemicals are trapped in the seams & box section which can cause issues later in life
  • No indentation to the shell from shot blasting
  • No sand / grit trapped in seam joints
  • Saves time and money for the customer when the shell goes into the paint shop
  • The body shell stays onĀ one secure process frame throughout the process eliminating any damage to the shell

Our efficient approach ensures fast turnaround and short waiting lists, and we are able to provide a detailed photo album documenting the process by which your car is transformed.