To meet the needs of our customers Enviro-Strip separates its services into seven key areas: as shown below. Organising our work in this way helps us tailor the service we offer to the individual needs of each and every one of our customers. It also focuses our attention on providing cost effective solutions that can be delivered consistently, to the highest quality, on time, every time.

We continually improve the services we offer and how we offer them to lead the market in paint de-contamination services. What we do takes experience, quality processes, dedicated resources and an enquiring mind to predict customer needs and lower their total cost base through close co-operation and long term relationships.

Paint Decontamination

We offer a full range of environmentally friendly paint removal for all types of products: accelerated solvent, aqueous chemical and thermal.

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Repair & refurbishment

Recycling, repair and refurbishment to lower total cost, and minimise environmental impact through increased re-use and reductions in all new replacement.

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Issue analysis and resolutions support on operational paint decontamination processes and redesign of stillage and pallets for extended life / recycled use.

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In house logistics support from dedicated modern vehicle fleet: minimizes disruption and costs.
Accurate and timely administration for efficiency and lower total cost.

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