Engineering and Calibration Services Division

Enviro-Strip offers a highly cost effective service to refurbish and repair components in addition to our standard decontamination processes.

Our repair and calibration service significantly helps extend component life, reducing in life costly component failures.

A planned programme of repair and recalibration is essential to lowering total operating cost for many of our customers. Health & Safety and Quality requirements also go hand in hand with reducing costs. Enviro-Strip offers a full range of end to end services:

  • Calibration Services: alignment, weld inspection, resetting
  • Inspection services: welds, fatigue, failure
  • Repair services: pallets and stillages
  • Repair and replacement: jigs, process tooling, paint shop grids, body skids
  • Maximised component life
  • Cost effective inspection
  • Cost effective calibration
  • Cost effective repair and replacement
  • Managed maintenance: planned to avoid disruption to customer operations
  • Safe and Secure