Enviro-Strip provides advice and support to businesses looking to increase the efficient use of their pallets and stillages and cleaning requirements.

Specialist professional advice is hard to come by in this key sector. Specialist knowledge is locked in side most companies but is only based on their own experiences.

Enviro-Strip brings a wealth of experience from over 30 years working in the sector. We pride ourselves on doing what we do, and to be the best in the industry at paint decontamination, stillage repair, and the reuse of pallets and stillages in the most environmentally friendly manner possible.

We provide specialist consulting advice to customers and associated businesses either as a stand alone project or as part of our ongoing business.

  • Paint de-contamination advice
  • Process applicability and relevance assessment
  • Recycling opportunity assessment
  • Cost reduction solutions to pallet and stillage usage and repair
  • Re-design support for extended use / alternate use