Paint Decontamination

Enviro-Strip offers a complete range of specialist processes to meet the varying demands of our customers.

We work in the highly demanding Automotive, Manufacturing and Process industries, each of whom have specific needs for decontamination of products from 1 cubic millimetre to 50 cubic metres.

Our extensive facilities allow us to use the most appropriate technology in each case. Products processed include:

  • Paint shop floor grids
  • Paint shop body skids
  • Process, lifting chains, jigs, fixtures and tooling
  • Paint wax and underseal filters
  • Pressure paint pots
  • Alloy & steel wheels
  • Product reclaim components
  • Thermal Pyrolysis
  • Controlled and optimized use of accelerated solvents
  • Controlled and optimized use of aqueous chemical processes
  • Dedicated facilities
  • Dedicated filtration and contaminant traps
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Positive Health & Safety impact versus alternative processes